Barcelona: don’t repeat the mistakes of the past

Barcelona is about to make the same mistake it made when it signed Neymar 4 years ago. And it’s painful to watch.

If reports from Liverpool are accurate, the club is ready to splash out 120 million Euros for Philippe Coutinho, making him the second most expensive player in football history.

Coutinho is certainly an exciting prospect, but he has done little to justify this price tag. Further, the player has no personal investment in the sporting project at FC Barcelona, and there is little to guarantee against his premature departure. This is especially relevant in the face of evidence that Neymar is agitating for PSG to buy him.

The idea that club deficiencies can only be resolved by multi-million dollar transfers is the wet dream of the worst elements of the sport: businessmen, marketers, player agents, Neymar’s Dad. People exactly like Sandro Rosell and Josep Bartomeu. These are the real beneficiaries of the absurd player arms-race that has driven this market.

There is an incredible appeal in telling these parasites to take a hike. Resist the temptation to capitulate to the marketers. Invest in homegrown talent. Use intelligent coaching and tactics to get the best out of the squad. We understand that this is pure fantasy, but it’s an opinion that seems to be gaining some traction against the tidal wave of BUY EVERYONE NOW.

Our point: Neymar’s departure does represent the end of an era at Barcelona. And we say, please let that era die!

Thanks to Ramzi [@footballmood], @Zizouology, and @AnfieldHQ for inspiring and informing this post.

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